What Makes Tru Form not just a Supplier, but a PARTNER

A Reliable Consistent Manufacturing Partner

Our streamlined, yet stringent process control procedures allow our customers to feel confident their requirements are being met consistently every time an order is placed. As an ISO 9001 certified company we comply with all regulations, statues and standards applicable to contracts with our customers each and every time. Our unmatched in house manufacturing capabilities allow us to have control over processes not typical of most machine shops.


A Total Project Solution

Our strength is not just providing “parts”, but providing a complete solution for our customers. Our complex precision machining capabilities, clean assembly area with experienced tool and die assembly staff in combination with our advanced ERP system allows us to take on complex electro-mechanical assembly projects that other companies would find unmanageable. Many of our projects have bills of materials 7 or 8 levels deep, including machined components, cables, PCB assemblies, off the shelf commercial items and hardware. Our machine building and tool and die experience lends wonderfully to today’s complex electromechanical-assembly projects that require not just tight tolerance machining, but a process that will control the project from beginning to end. Our best customers are ones who understand we can be an extension of their business as a value added partner.



Our 4 and 5 Axis capability, combined with experienced programmers utilizing Mastercam and Esprit software, provides inventive solutions for the most difficult manufacturing challenges. Our manufacturing engineering staff also designs in Solidworks allowing for easy exchange of ideas between Tru Form and the customer.



Precision is not just a word for Tru Form, it is our foundation. From the late 60’s, Tru Form has been synonymous with tight tolerance machining and assembly services. Whether the requirement was from aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbide, plastics or inconel, Tru Form has consistently exceeded the customers’ expectations. Our dedication to innovative processes and technologies has allowed us to proudly serve the aerospace, defense, automotive and medical industries.



Our state-of-the-art inspection equipment and experienced quality control team carefully and efficiently assess all components with special attention to detail and close tolerance dimensions. We feel quality is not just important when it comes to checking parts, but QUALITY is essential throughout the whole process. Our business has grown steadily over the years because we keep our promises and we do what we say we will do. Our commitment to our customers also means a continuing investment in the latest precision-machining technology, as well as in the people who run it. This technology includes a quality system certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant to ensure that every part we ship has undergone and passed rigorous in-process and final inspection procedures. Our entire organization is designed to manufacture your order to specifications and deliver it on time, no matter what it takes, consistently each and every time.



Our team of highly experienced professionals will work their hardest to meet your critical deadline requirements and ensure on-time delivery. Our “lights out” manufacturing capabilities allows us to give our customers 24 hour dedication, but in a cost effective manner. Our small business mentality allows us to be flexible and reactionary to our customers’ needs that get lost in bigger companies. Over the years, Hi Tech Precision has earned a reputation for exceptional value and uncompromising quality by delivering on our promises. Our customers count on us to deliver what they need, when they need it… and so can you. Let us show you what our company-wide commitment to built-in quality and reliability can do for you.


Dedicated Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset

At Tru Form we understand that even the most advanced CNC equipment in the world is useless without the skilled people to run it. In today’s competitive business climate, talented and dedicated employees make all the difference when it comes to quality, reliability and outstanding customer service. Tru Form is proud to have some of the best craftsmen in the business; our employees have an average of 20 years of precision-manufacturing experience. We maintain an ongoing training program aimed at continuous improvement at every level of our organization, with incentives and compensation that attracts and retains the most talented manufacturing personnel you will find anywhere. At Tru Form we value our employees and we are proud of their accomplishments. Our employees are the real reason the name Tru Form has continued to be synonymous with excellence in the industry for close to 50 years.

When it comes to delivering customer satisfaction, we have the ultra modern facilities, the latest in manufacturing technology and most importantly the dedicated, talented employees to make it happen. Put the Tru Form Team to work for you and find out what we can do for your business.